Thursday, June 6, 2013

Drew's Decade

Drew recently turned TEN big years old. What a joy this last decade has been with him!

Drew is my adventurer. For his birthday he invited a few friends to go ride the Trailside Bike park in Park City. Here are a few action shots taken by dad.

I love that Drew likes to try new things, the exception being his cake. He always chooses Tres Leches cake with strawberries for his birthday treat.

I love Drew's blonde curly surfer boy look. His dad gave him a summer buzz yesterday so I'm missing that a bit.

I love that Drew is such a kind and responsible big brother. He can be depended on to cheer up a sobbing brother by sharing toys or offering to let one sleep in his room.

He is the Tom Sawyer of the neighborhood. Every young boy in the neighborhood wants to play with Drew, even if the price is to help a little with Drew's chores.

Drew has a need for speed. I am not sure if I love that if if it makes me too nervous. He is thrilled to be the owner of a dirt bike now, thanks to Uncle Zac.

I love that Drew is courteous and respectful.

I love that Drew is a good worker. He has just about taken over the lawn care from his dad--an exciting day for a parent to be sure.

Drew loves to get physical, whether it be practicing flips on the tramp, ski racing, football in the yard, or jumps on his scooter.

Drew is tough! He does not like to cry, no matter how badly he may crash.

I feel so blessed to be the mom of such an exceptional kid! I don't know how I would survive without the help of my first born.

Happy Tenth Drew!

--I would add that I love that Drew and I have a great communication (usually in unspoken grunts or glances).

Drew knows when I'm serious and when I can be persuaded.

He's very sensitive to others feelings, mostly his brothers.  And I think he wants peace between everyone (mostly).

He LOVES his sleep.

--From Dave


  1. Happy Birthday Drew! I concur this list is all true. Thanks for being a great cousin and nephew! I am glad you had an awesome birthday. Love you!

  2. He is truly an amazing boy! Anna would say one of her favorite cousins. Why oh why do we have to live so far away from each other?...BTW Scott would have loved that dirt bike trail!!

  3. I'm sold! Send him my way!
    Happy Birthday big guy! (that's a Bubba phrase)

  4. I cannot believe how Drew has grown--maybe it is the fact that he has his own set of wheels now--or maybe it is because I have his baby picture next to my TV and it seems like he looked like that just yesterday. It is so fun having him visit, we will have to do it more often this summer!

    My word to type is Roswell--do you think there is an alien on your site!