Tuesday, March 5, 2013

February Review

1. Isaac LOVES this mild February weather where he can ride his scooter, explore in the field, and track mud all over the house.
2. Grandpa LOVES his granddaughters. Jessica, James, and Rissy came to visit and Grandpa is in heaven.
3. Drew LOVES playing Junior Jazz basketball. Dave LOVES spending sharing his LOVE of the sport with his son.
4. Eli LOVES learning to ski, though he needs some help learning to turn.
5. We all LOVED having Carter come to visit. We learned that Carter LOVES only chips and three-wheeled scooters, however he does not LOVE to snowboard.
6. Eli LOVES BYU, especially over the top BYU basketball team introductions, ringing the victory bell, and gummy worms at the concession stand.
7. Uncle Chuck LOVES hanging out with the Sullivans. At least we hope he does after spending the weekend with us. We LOVED having him and Michelle (not pictured) come see us this month.
8. Eli LOVES library story time and hanging with friends.
9. All the boys LOVE screen time. It takes priority over everything, including underpants.
10. I hit a deer. I did not LOVE that, nor do I LOVE being carless, but I am grateful that no one was hurt. It could have been a lot worse!
11. Charlotte LOVES to smile, and, finally, sit up. We all LOVE having her in our family.
12. I LOVE Derby Girls, and especially, gabbing, eating and skiing with them.


  1. I love your new family picture! You all look great! Charlotte is getting so big and she's cuter by the day! We miss you guys!

  2. I just LOVE that we got to be a part of so many of your February hearts!! And now even a few March shamrocks!