Thursday, January 24, 2013

Reasons We Love Nana and Bubba

Nana and Bubba are leaving on a jet plane tomorrow for a two-year mission in Madrid, Spain. They came up to Heber this evening to:

  1. Turn in their cell-phones.
  2. Return the truck.
  3. Say good-bye. 
We are sure going to miss them the next couple of years. As a send off we wanted to tell them some of the reasons we love and appreciate them.

1. They make beautiful music.
2. We are always welcome at their house.
3. Bubba drives a bus.
4. Nana know what to do when we are sick.
5. They can remember the names and birthdays of all their 29 (29!) grandkids.
6. They share their fruit trees for us to bottle.
7. They share their bottled fruit when I fail to bottle.
8. Nana makes the best rolls.
9. Bubba helps Nana in the kitchen.
10. They always have peaceful music playing at their house.
11. They fill my kids' need for an occasional box of sugar cereal.
12. Bubba is a master with the Shop-Vac (a skill I have come to appreciate lately).
13. They don't lock Dave out of their house during the day, even though he isn't any better at putting his bowl in the sink than he was when he was 10.
14. They passed on some dang good genes to my beautiful children.
15. They let me parent my own way, even if they think/know I am making a mistake.
16. They make an effort to share their testimonies of the Savior with us whenever they get an opportunity.
17. They put on an awesome Easter Egg hunt.
18. They let me sneak food before dinner when I am pregnant.
19. Bubba always tells me how beautiful I am when I am pregnant.
20. Nana will always offer to change the kids' diapers, even the really awful diapers from a three-year-old.
21. They always have ice cream or popsicles in their freezer.
22. They let us take their freezer to our house while they are in Spain.
23. They have given us tickets to General Conference and the Mo Tab Christmas concert for 10 years.
24. They are well-loved in their neighborhood, probably because they love their neighbors.
25. Nana makes Christmas ornaments for the kids.
26. They have somehow maintained their sanity after 35+ years of kids running around the circle around the kitchen and living room laughing and yelling at the top of their lungs.
27. They have logged a lot of miles driving to visit and help out their kids scattered around the country.
28. They are always good for a game.
29. Nana makes delicious grape jelly and has spoiled us for the store bought kind.
30. Nana taught Dave how to can pears.
31. They have been very generous with their cars.
32. They are generous with all their possessions.
33. Bubba is fun to take a bike ride with.
34. Bubba always defers the Lazy boy to the nursing or pregnant mama.
35. Nana makes cookies with the grandkids.
36. They use their nice dishes.
37. Bubba tells a mean "Three Little Pigs."
38. They were there for our family when we had our twins in every way possible.
39. They visit Lily's and Claire's grave and leave flowers on their birthday.
40. They are blessing our family by serving a mission.
41. They took us on a cruise.
42. They have always made me feel welcome in the family.
43. Bubba goes shoe shopping with Dave.
44. Nana is already de-cluttering the house so it will be done when she dies :)
45. Nana keeps her pictures current and reminds me when it's time to get new photos taken.
46. Their home is decorated with things that they love.
47. They are Mac people, which is good because I only know how to use FaceTime, not Skype.
48. Bubba gives good haircuts.
49. Nana makes sure fingernails are trimmed.
50. They are willing to come join in with the Down Family.
51. Bubba has performed many a free gig for Down family activities.
52. Nana keeps track of and asks after my siblings.
53. They produced a hot son for me to marry.
54. They have put in a lot of hours grandkid-sitting.
55. They are always willing to share their talents.
56. They are hard workers.
57. They are slow to anger.
58. They serve us at family dinners.
59. They are great parents.
60. They are the most kind, patient, low-maintenence, loving in-laws I could ask for.

1. Cause they snuggle with me so much.
2. They like to spell words with me.
3. They take pictures of me, and put pictures of me up.
4. They like me so much.
5. They let me play toys at their house.

1. They are nice grandparents to have.
2. They let us do lots of stuff.
3. Bubba comes and visits us a lot.
4. Nana lets us visit them.
5. I love Nana's rolls.

1. Because they are going on a mission.
2. They make really, really good rolls.
3. They are hilarious.
4. They always do the right thing.
5. I like that they when we turn nine we get to spend a week at their house.
6. They are entertaining.
7. They are nice to have around.
8. They don't live far away (at least they didn't before they moved to Spain).
9. Because they speak Spanish a lot and it sounds cool.
10. They are always asking dad questions.
11. They let us come over to their house.
12. They always encourage us to do the right thing.
13. They helped me with my talk.
14. They help me in times of good or stress.
15. I love them!

1.  Bubba makes the Tar baby sound down-right pleasant.
2.  We go to James Taylor concerts.
3.  Taught me to play guitar.
4.  Gave me thick hair.
5.  Are low-maintenance, until now; now they're high maintenance:)
6.  Took me to Disneyland.
7.  Care about my friends.
8.  Enjoy playing games (until Bubba got old, now he likes to chill).
9. Whew! Heather is much better at this than I am!


  1. Looking forward to following their adventures on the new blog--(You need to repost your blogroll so I can keep up with all the Sullivan siblings)--I love Bruce and Vivienne for so many reasons but of course number one is they gave us one of the world's best son-in-laws!

  2. I loved reading all the reasons they are so special but especially #50 because it gave me an opportunity to get know and love them also. No wonder Dave is so amazing, he has amazing parents!

  3. Wow! This is better than being at your own funeral! Thanks for making up so many good qualities about us and inflating the rest! We miss everyone but we are SO happy to be here and we are kept SO busy. (This is Bubba now...) We love Madrid and are happy to be here. We look out over the temple and temple grounds each morning when we wake up here at the MTC. No apartment yet, but we're working on it. I'm glad Drew thinks our Spanish sounds great.....Most of the Spaniards would probably strongly disagree.

  4. Karen:

    1. I'm their favorite.
    2. They love to put on a swimsuit and enjoy the sun.
    3. If they have something you need/want, they just give it to you.
    4. They don't try and be fair, but they do what they can, when they can.
    5. They taught me not to judge.
    6. They still love me even though I moved so far away (and continue to move so far away - makes it more difficult to maintain the favorite status, but I've managed so far)
    7. Nana loves babies and wants to help any Mom at church that she can.
    8. They know how to argue and still love each other.
    9. Nana lets me call and just talk. Being patient with all my trails as a mother, not trying to tell me how to do differently, just listening.
    10. If I call Bubba automatically assumes I want to talk to Mom.
    11. Bubba likes his back rubbed.
    12. Bubba likes his head rubbed.
    13. Bubba likes his feet rubbed.
    14. Bubba likes nice smelling things.
    15. Bubba tries to buy nice things for Nana and usually fails miserably, but he tries.
    16. They love my kids.
    17. They love my husband.
    18. They taught me to love music (didn't pass on as much of the talent as I wished, but I have a great appreciation for it).
    19. They taught my kids how to play clue.
    20. They are amazing examples to my kids. Scott just leaned over my shoulder and said he wishes he could serve a mission RIGHT NOW.
    21. They know how to throw a good tantrum.
    22. Nana can sew.
    23. Nana can cook.
    24. Nana tried to teach her daughter to sew and cook and decided to give up and love me anyway. (That's called picking your battles!)
    25. Nana likes to share her food with me at restaurants.
    26. Nana knows my favorite candy and desserts.
    27. They know how to laugh at themselves.
    28. They serve others even when it is not convenient for them.
    29. They go after their desires.
    30. They promised to visits me in June of 2015. (Again favorite!)

  5. I love these lists! I hope John and I can be just like Bubba and Nana someday...the motab might be a long shot. But for reals, they are both some of my greatest heroes!