Thursday, November 15, 2012

Come to ZIon, 2012

Our family made our yearly trip to Zion, though we've made it a tradition this was a year of firsts.

The first year bringing a newborn. While the older boys went with Dave on a more adventurous Hidden Canyon hike--Eli, Charlotte, and I ambled up to the Emerald Pools along with friends Liz and Sam. Each hiker who passed us commented, "Wow! You are brave to bring a baby." I have learned in my motherhood career that when a stranger calls you brave she is really calling you crazy. (In case anyone is concerned about my judgement, we also met some ladies in wedge pumps and nylons on this hike so it isn't that treacherous to take a baby in a sling.)

The first year it rained. I think Zion got it's entire yearly precipitation in the three days we were there. We were thankful for a camper with a heater, restaurants nearby, and a few breaks in the weather to explore.

The first time venturing off the beaten path. I found directions to the "Two Pines Arch" on the internet. What was meant to be a quick hike during a short break in the clouds was extended after two false starts.
Dave, Drew, and Isaac were the only ones who braved the rain to go all the way up. They were glad they did as it was their favorite part of the trip. They created this storyline:

"We've been hiking and hiking, but we can't find that arch. Let's just sit down and take a rest."

"Hey, what is that behind us?"

"Yay! We found it! We found it!"

By the way, Two Pine Arch is now One Pine Arch.

The first year that all my dragging my kids on hikes has paid off. Drew and Isaac are now experienced scramblers and enjoy going higher and further. Here are a few picture of our hike to the secret waterfall.


  1. I'm now rethinking every time someone has called me brave.... oh my gosh- everyone thinks I'm insane... I have especially been called the code-word for crazy for having 5 kids.
    I loved the boys story line. Did they think of it while they were taking the pictures, or when you were posting them?

  2. The story line came first, then the pictures..."Hey dad! I've got a totally awesome idea..."

  3. Ha ha. So glad they found the arch. You guys are making the best memories with your kids. So glad you take advantage of the beautiful national parks. People come from all over the world to see Zions while so many Utah residents never even see the place.
    Thanks for posting.
    I am ready for more pics of Charlotte. I am going through withdrawals!

  4. Loved reading about your trip! It looks so fun!