Tuesday, February 10, 2015

"There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing."

Eli's ski league coach, Ivana, sent this email and pictures. 

"Today it was really special day. It was special in many ways (like not having too much snow - by the way last Monday was the exact mid winter and we have spring at SoHo), but the most special moment was to see a beautiful rainbow from the Little Buckaroo!

When we started skiing at 4pm it was cloudy (just before that we took a team picture). We went down to the stadium and did a small race. By the time we started to play tail tag, it was sunny. Around 4:40pm it started to rain (not just a few drops, it was really raining that I had to put the little umbrella on my hat). By the time we got to Little Buckaroo to do the slalom, a beautiful rainbow appeared.


Yes, the weather was crazy, but it was worth to go skiing today. There is a saying "There is no such a thing as bad weather, just bad clothing". "

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ski Day

Drew has his sixth grade ski passport this year. He loves skiing so much, even if it means going with his slow, chicken of a mom. This particular trip up the canyon seemed iffy. The snowfall was sparse, and it was raining all over the valley. We forgot his pass sixth grade passport, and ended up having to buy him a lift ticket, but it turned out to be a wonderful day. I love having an older kid and serious grown-up conversations high above the trees riding up the mountain. I appreciate the kind young man he is as he waited for me around turns, and encouraged me down the hill. I love that he tries new things, and when he crashes he gets right back up with a laugh. 

video video

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Elsa Castles

 Each time we pick up the kids from school Charlotte asks to go into the Elsa Castles, or sometimes Elsa temples, being built across the parking lot. Because of this lousy nice weather we have had all winter, the Ice Castles didn't even open until last weekend and reservations filled up. But because no icy weather is in sight they are closing down today. I guess the Snow Queen is too busy using her powers back east. Luckily, we got an email last night that the Castle builders were letting the charter school kids tour them today, and they needed chaperones. Charlotte's frozen-est dream come true!


Saturday, January 17, 2015

Winter Weekend

We had a very Utah winter weekend that included some downhill skiing as a family
My two chairlift mates.  Drew was a good sport to "slow down" for me.  Isaac is an incredibly smooth skier.

Then Heather and the boys had a cross-country race in the morning.  Heather said I couldn't post anything on Facebook, but said I could put it on her blog:)
video video

Saturday, January 10, 2015

ZNP 2K14

After a government-hiatus in 2013, we resumed our Fall Break Zion Trip Tradition accompanied by the Knudsens, Smedleys, and Sperrys. Because hiking with four kids leaves my hands rather full I have only a few pictures, but lots of notes.
 I think Dave has pictures on his phone, but for now I am going to at least get these up.

Scout Lookout/ Angel's Landing
  •  We tried to take Charlotte up in the backpack, but she was not happy about it. She hasn't spent much time in it, and doesn't appreciate the luxury of being carried up a mountain. I guess that means it is time to pass the Kelty carrier on down the road. I can't bear to just give it to DI-too many memories attached. I need to find a cousin who will love it. 
  • Isaac ventured for his first time up Angel's Landing with Dave and Drew, an 8 year old rite of passage in our family (but he missed last year--thank you Ted Cruz). Eli, Charlotte, and I fought off highly-aggressive squirrels at Scout lookout.
  • Charlotte's favorite part of this hike was yelling for Eli to wait for her on Walter's Wiggles and hearing her voice echo back.
  • We saw an owl on a tree right next to the trail. I've never seen an owl that close.

East Rim Overlook
  • I was amazed how quickly we got to the end of this hike now that my kids have longer legs and more endurance!

  • Dave didn't feel the same way, while I went with the boys he stayed with Charlotte who insisted on being carried and on carrying a backpack herself.
  • This is a rare picture of Liz and I. 

The Secret Waterfall
  • We took a picture in this same spot in 2011. You can see the three years, an extra kid, and a life-changing injury on our faces. Despite that life has been very, very good to us.

Kolob Canyon
  • We made this stop on our way back home. Everyone was pretty beat, so we didn't walk that far. I've only been to the Kolob side of the park once on a drive. It is beautiful and a little different from the main drive.
  • At one point I was further up the trail with Drew and Isaac, and Dave had stopped with Charlotte to throw rocks in the stream. Eli was between me and Dave. A fellow hiker passed Eli and stopped when he got to me to chew me out for letting my six-year old wander alone. Didn't I know there are rattlesnakes out here? We all got a good laugh out of that one! Good thing he didn't notice the spears the other boys were carving with their sharp pocket-knives.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

First Race of the Season

December has been a terribly warm and dry month for Utah. No snow meant no skiing and no racing. Drew's first race was cancelled and the second one postponed. Right before Christmas the weather finally cooled off enough that Soldier Hollow could finally start making snow, and then Christmas day Mother Nature decided to help out a bit. Nevertheless, by race day on the 27th there was only enough snow for a .8k sprint rather than a full race--all uphill. The boys had only been out on snow once this season before the race. All three participated though and made a good showing.

Drew placed fourth in his division.

Isaac also pulled out a fourth place.

Eli battled with this kid and pulled ahead in the end for a bronze place on the podium.

Reed, Kenyon, and Drew--the three musketeers of the Devo team.

Charlotte soaking up the rays post-race.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Our Family Newsletter 2014

The boys loved coming up with their own super-hero attributes. They really are super kids! Not to mention really. really, really, ridiculously good looking.